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Now more than ever is the time when your business needs protection online and we've got you covered. We created a guide for the 5 things you can do NOW to protect your business. 


Did you know...

60% of small businesses will shut down after being hacked.

Identity theft happens every 2 seconds in the United States. 

Small business cybercrime attacks are up 50% from 2018. 

1 in 50 web addresses are malicious.

The reality of cybercrime is scary, but protecting yourself doesn’t have to be. 

Thankfully, you CAN protect your business from cybercriminals, and we can show you how.

Make IT Safe™  


The 6-Module Online Course designed to inform you and help safeguard your business to protect what you love. Make IT Safe™ is the step-by-step course that I wish I could have taken. It is the fast-track, easy to understand and implement, step-by-step know-how that you need to empower yourself and protect your business from cyberthreats. It gives you tools, explains the different layers of protection and knowledge needed to be cyber-secure, and how to set everything up. There’s no tech-speak, no advanced knowledge required, and no learning curve to get over.

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